Let's Take a Spin...

For most of you this is your first wedding. Alot of the process is new and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only am I married, but I've shot well over 60 weddings in my career so I've picked up a few tricks that I'd like to share with you as you start planning your big day.

delegate, delegate, delegate!

When you first start planning, it may seem a bit overwhelming. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a strong team in your corner. Family and close friends will offer to help with different tasks and don’t be afraid to allow them to help. Whether it’s a time consuming project like party favors, invitations or designing a seating chart, delegate tasks to anyone willing to lend a hand!

hire a day-of-coordinator

Having a good day -of- coordinator can be the biggest blessing on your big day. You'll be pulled in many different directions and asked plenty of questions, so having a point of contact to keep everything on track will give you peace of mind. You will be able to get away with your bridal party doing bits and pieces, but your coordinator will know the big picture and allow for a stress free wedding day!

(P.S. My wife is available to add on to any package as a coordinator)

keep your schedule clear

It's tempting to plan a big brunch or line up manicures, pedicures, hair, and a bikini wax on the morning of the wedding, but try not to do too much. (Stick to the absolute necessities - hair and makeup.) Your wedding day will fly by faster than you could ever imagine. If you have too many activities, you won't have space to take in the real once-in-a-lifetime moments.

pack a wedding day survival bag

There are so many little things that might not be necessary, but that can make a world of difference if a crisis arises. Having a survial bag could make all the difference on your big day. Hair pins, extra make up, make up remover, a mini sewing kit, tweezers, super glue, floss, and eye drops are just some of the items that you may need if things don't go as planned.

assign a photo wrangler

Gathering everyone together for photos can be very frustrating and time consuming. It can be very helpful to designate someone ahead of time, (someone who is familiar with everyone and isn't afraid to wrangle people together) to be in charge of getting everyone together for all the bridal portraits.

remember what's important

You'll hear this a million times, but it is the realest thing you will hear; you can't control everything! As your big day approaches, it is important to keep focused on what matters most; marrying the love of your life. Remember if you are having a good time everyone else will follow suit.

forget the weather

Plan for any weather conditions, and then forget about it. The weather will be what it will be - no amount of worrying will change that. Make sure you have umbrellas, blankets, sunscreen, fans and chilled water, and then just go with it! As long as there are both indoor and outdoor options on the day, everything will be fine. Rainy wedding photos can be fun! (Especially with me!)

have a strong team

Your best people for keeping your stress at bay on your wedding day are your best man, ushers, and bridesmaids. They need to be the ones who are in control, who know what's happening next, who know exactly what you might need at any given moment. Your bridesmaids should be armed with lipstick, mirrors, spare hairpins, tissues, water, etc. and should be ready to leap into action whenever you need them. This will keep you totally chilled out as you won't be stressing about needing a makeup check or a drink. They are your team bride and groom!

do your wedding day your way

Remember that your wedding day is YOUR wedding day. If you want to serve pizza and wings instead of a fancy meal, then DO IT! Don't allow other peoples opinions to come in between you and your partners decisions on what should happen on your big day. If you are happy, then everyone else should be too!

make your final payments before they're due

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is running around trying to make sure your vendors are paid. If you can, make sure your vendors are paid in full before your big day, and if you plan on giving gratuties, have them in envelopes already and assign someone to hand them out at the end of the night.