This is a challenging time huh?

If you are currently planning a wedding that's mean to be in the next few months, I can imagine that it's crossed your mind that you may need to postpone your wedding date. If so, I'll work with you to find a new date when we're both available! There will be no additional fee. I've got you.

At this point, I'm happy to continue forward as usual, however if you feel that now might not be the time for us all to be hugging and hanging out in big groups, then I'll do whatever I can to accommodate. As much as it's going to hurt my livelihood in the short term - I'd prefer we all stay as safe as we possibly can. I already love your grandma' and grandpa's too much! <3

If you are looking to postpone, may i suggest looking at Monday - Thursday options? You'll help a lot of us vendors who really are in a jam with scheduling, and you'll find it a lot easier to plan your new wedding date. I promise.